National Interest Waivers

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The National Interest Waiver (NIW) is a waiver of the job offer requirement for individuals who wish to immigrate to the United States in the second preference category who are members of the professions holding advanced degrees or individuals of exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, or business. A NIW request requires a showing significantly above that for prospective national benefit. The factors to be considered in evaluating the national interest are:

  1. It must be shown that the alien seeks employment in an area of substantial intrinsic merit;
  2. It must be shown that the proposed benefit is national in scope; and
  3. The petitioner seeking the waiver must persuasively demonstrate that the national interest would be adversely affected if labor certification were required of the alien.

May Law Group, LLC, files numerous national interest waiver petitions for scientists, renowned physicians, and leaders in business and industry. May Law Group will review CVs and resumes to determine if an individual is qualified to file a NIW petition. This review is at no charge to the client.

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