Immigration Bond Hearings

"The Right Immigration Attorney Makes All The Difference"

May Law Group, LLC, files immigration bond motions for detained clients across the United States. Immigration Attorney Valerie May has successfully obtained bond for her clients in an overwhelming number of her bond cases.* Many Immigration Judges are increasingly reluctant to grant bond for detained aliens. May Law Group counters this trend with the preparation of well documented and through bond motions. In numerous instances, Attorney May's clients have been the only aliens granted bond by an Immigration Judge on a particular day. Attorney May cannot guarantee that a detained alien will receive bond; however, she is dedicated to preparing the strongest bond filings possible and to explaining the detained alien's case utilizing compassion and her extensive experience in bond hearings. May Law Group involves the family and friends of the detained individual in preparation of the bond motion. It is with their cooperation and assistance that Attorney May prepares bond motions which are compelling and which meet the bond motion requirements of even the strictest immigration judges. May Law Group's unique methods of preparing bond motions have led the successful release on bond of almost all of our detained clients. Although we cannot guarantee that a particular client will receive bond, Attorney May is committed to filing the strongest bond motion possible for a detained client.

The immigration attorneys at May Law Group can be reached seven days per week at 412-291-4400 | 215-880-4977 | 347-839-1700 . An immigration attorney is always on call to assist families and friends of detained aliens. The immigration lawyers at May Law Group understand the stress associated with the detention of a family member or friend and utilize their familiarity with the bond process to make the bond hearing and subsequent posting of the immigration bond go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

*Similar results cannot be guaranteed as the fact patterns vary in individual cases.

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