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Notice of Intent to Revoke I-130 or 129F

Defending Your Marriage, Your Family, Your Immigration Status

U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents who wish to bring a relative or a fiancé(e) to the United States to live permanently must file an immigrant petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Form I-130 (petition for alien relative) and Form 129F (petition for a fiancé(e)) establish the sponsor’s relationship with the relative or a fiancé(e) and the eligibility of both parties.

Notice of Intent to Revoke I-130 or 129F

Sometimes USCIS will initially grant these petitions but later send a notice of intent to revoke (NOIR) the approval of an I-130 or 129F. A notice to revoke approval of an I-130 or 129F means that USCIS questions:

  • The validity of your relationship with the person whom you want to bring to the United States
  • Your eligibility to sponsor a relative or fiancé(e)
  • The eligibility of the person you wish to sponsor

Building a Case Against Revocation

You will have an opportunity to submit evidence showing why the acceptance of your petition should not be revoked. It is important to speak to a skilled immigration lawyer as soon as possible in order to help you prepare this information.

The attorneys of May Law Group are experienced in cases involving notice of intent to revoke I-130 and 129F petitions. All of our filings to overcome a Notice of Intent to Revoke have been successful to date. A notice to revoke may be based on inaccurate information. For example, it may include information about a person other than the one you seek to sponsor. These mistakes can be cleared up, but proper procedures must be followed and deadlines must be met.

Appealing a Revocation

After considering the evidence and arguments against revocation, USCIS may still choose to revoke approval of your petition. In these cases, you will receive a written notice that explains the specific reasons for the revocation. You have just 15 days from the date you receive this notice to file an appeal of the decision to revoke approval of your petition.

Please do not delay. Contact the immigration lawyers of May Law Group if you have received a notice of intent to revoke or a notice of revocation of the approval of your I-130 or 129F petition. We offer a free initial consultation. From offices in New York City, and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we represent clients from throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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