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Changes in U Visas: For Victims of Violent Crimes

The U visa became available in 2007 for undocumented immigrants who suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of having been a victim of a criminal activity in the United States and who assisted U.S. law enforcement agents in investigating and prosecuting those crimes. The individual had to demonstrate that he or she possessed information concerning the criminal activity, and law enforcement officials, prosecutors, judges, or other investigating authorities had to provide certification indicating that the individual had been helpful in giving information regarding the crime.

Since 2007, the U visa has offered protection and temporary relief benefits to people from other nations who were visiting the United States, became victims of certain violent crimes, and assisted law enforcement officials in the investigation and prosecution of those crimes.

The 10,000 people who were granted U visa status annually could stay in the U.S. for four years. In certain cases, U visa status could be extended beyond four years. After three years of residence, U visa holders could apply for lawful permanent residence (green card) status.

Foreign nationals who became victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and certain other crimes were eligible for temporary relief benefits and were encouraged to file a petition for U nonimmigrant status (Form I-918).

U visas are a complicated area of immigration law. The attorneys of May Law Group, LLC, have the experience to assist you in these cases. May Law Group recently obtained U visa approval for clients and is working on additional U visa applications. To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our U visa lawyers, please contact our office in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or New York City, New York.

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